Planet Cheltenham
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Who are we?

Planet Cheltenham is an initiative to help prepare people for the changes that will be needed if we are to successfully build a sustainable and resilient society living in a warmer world. As can be seen in the next video:

Our Eco-Hub

Our aim is to convert an old single story workshop into a two story Eco-Hub that will act as a base for our Youth Climate Group and other environmental activities, as well as to act as an exemplar project on how to create a sustainable building.

Our programme will involve: 
  • Talking to and providing information to social groups, families and individuals
  • Networking and collaborating with other environmental and justice organisations
  • Organising and helping others to organise environmental events/projects such as:
    • Clothes Swaps
    • A Climate Youth Group for 16-24 year olds
    • Mini-Planet Cheltenham group for mothers and toddlers
    • A Community Fridge Network
    • Provision of drinking water fountains.
In doing so, we hope to:
  • Build a future in which we all live more sustainably
  • Create a vibrant sharing and circular economy with more equitable communities
  • Develop practical local environmental project
  • Create local changes
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