Grow, Learn and contribute: Annecy Gardens volunteer session in Cheltenham

What do we do?

Discover the joy of gardening at Annecy Gardens, Cheltenham! Every Monday from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm, volunteers are invited to join our sessions, creating a practical ground for learning to grow your own vegetables.

This FREE opportunity allows you to develop your skills, working alongside others who share personal knowledge. Our dedicated volunteers contribute to the success of Annecy Gardens, growing and maintaining beautiful spaces for public enjoyment.

Who are we?

The Edible Garden in Annecy Garden (Sandford Park) was established in 2012. Initially, the beds in the lawn were prepared by CBC and then passed on to the volunteers. After a successful first season, CBC cleared an additional area of shrubbery which provided a composting area and space for fruit bushes.

Members of the public are welcome to help themselves to any vegetables produced on site, just as long as they leave some for others. Please remember to wash all produce thoroughly before consumption.

Our Achievements

Annecy Gardens has earned awards for providing a practical ground for learning to grow.These awards were given from Cheltenham in bloom and Cheltenham Allotments. Join us in cultivating not just gardens, but a sense of community and knowledge-sharing in Cheltenham

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