The Dangers of the Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming
There's a lack of empathy and urgency concerning the dire situation we are in People can't see we are in the middle of an explosion, an invisible, slow motion explosion. One that has been so soft, so quiet and so gradual, that our normal fight or flight response has not kicked in. We need to recognise the dangers everything and everyone is now facing and do something before it becomes too late. As the Sun heats the Earth up, some of the heat usually goes back out into space again, keeping the Earth’s Global Air Temperature at roughly the same level. It is a naturally balanced process that has been going on for millions of years. Humans have upset the balance by releasing too many Greenhouse Gases (mainly Carbon Dioxide and Methane) into the air. These gases have formed a clear, thick blanket around the Earth that lets warming sunlight to pass through but then it traps the heat in. As a result, the Global Air Temperature has gone up by 1oC since the Industrial Revolution. This may not sound much, but things like our weather patterns have already started to change and, ultimately, so will our climate. It is no longer a question of the Earth heating up, it is now by how much? Everyone and everything is now in danger. Whatever happens, we must try to limit any further increase to 1½oC or else it will become too hot for us to live normal lives and, if it gets too hot, possibly not be able to live at all.